Ready to take your skincare to the next level with immediate and noticeable results? Want exceptionally smooth, glowing skin? We are excited to present the O2 Glass Facial!

This revolutionary O2toDerm hyperbaric anion oxygen system turns natural air into 90% pure oxygen and generates the amount of anion “vitamins from clean air” by 3 million more than from natural production. While enjoying complete relaxation, the dome-shaped mask locks in nutrients that induce and stabilize free radicals, reduce acne-causing bacteria, balance PH levels, dramatically improve signs of aging, boost the immune system, promote blood circulation, and help to correct and heal damaged cells. This facial is going to become your next “can’t live without” experience!

This luxurious 90-minute treatment includes a Deep Cleanse, Steam and Extractions, Organic Pumpkin Peel, O2 Hyperbaric Chamber WITH customized LED Light Therapy (to soothe inflammation & reduce the appearance of pores while targeting bacteria), Illuminating Hydrocell Face Sheet Mask, Oxygen and customized Serum Infusion, finishing off with a face massage, medical-grade Collagen Gel, and an SPF Moisturizer.

It's not just a SPA Experience
It's a Journey to well-being.

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