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We bring Joie to every visit

We are the only spa in Hamilton that provides the complimentary use of our sauna and steam rooms before or after your appointment.


Every moment at Joie is truly your time to take care of yourself. At Joie, mindfulness means taking the time to prioritize your mental and
physical health. We are here to affirm this messaging and help you practice intentional self-care.

Stay as long as you want. Relax with a book on our comfy armchairs, or simply refresh with some infused water, a cup of herbal tea, or a light snack – free with every visit.

About Us

Find Joie in the journey

Our 14 treatment rooms offer an elevated experience for your massage or esthetic treatment, including many thoughtful details to help you fully immerse into your restorative time at Joie.

Keep an eye out as you travel through our spa—you just might notice some historical elements we have preserved, displaying the rich history of the city.

But don’t stop there. Original wall art and murals by local Hamilton artists have been thoughtfully placed in our treatment rooms. Joie Day Spa is proud of our Hamilton roots, and we look forward to sharing these with you.


Your own, unique Joie

Joie Day Spa believes in creating a safe calming environment that is inclusive and makes everyone feel welcome. Dedicated to feeling good on the inside and out, we don’t offer just a service—we provide a unique experience.

That’s why every service is custom-tailored for our guests; from the moment you walk in the door, you’ll sense what matters most to us: you!