The Joie Teen Facial

A wonderful way for a teen or pre-teen with hormonal skin to get a grasp on the madness that is happening to it!  We teach and treat our young clients in one session. The best practice is to take home a starter kit from our beautiful skincare line from Eminence.  For 18 and under only.

O2toDerm Acne Facial

The O2toDerm Therapy is a combination of both LED and O2 Oxygen Therapy! We begin with a double cleanser, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and clinical peel.  The O2 Dome is then used to aid in balancing PH levels and reducing acne-causing bacteria. This treatment is followed up with an organic Hydro-jelly mask and LED light to […]

The LED HydroJelly Light Facial

Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, HydroJelly Mask with LED therapy, massage, serum, and moisturizer. LED is used to customize your final treatment. Each colour represents a different outcome. You can treat rosacea, acne and it is also anti-aging. Your options with LED are endless. Add LED to your Micro-Needling service for added benefit and quicker […]

It's not just a SPA Experience
It's a Journey to well-being.

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