The Joie Teen Facial

A wonderful way for a teen or pre-teen with hormonal skin to get a grasp on the madness that is happening to it!  We teach and treat our young clients in one session. The best practice is to take home a starter kit from our beautiful skincare line from Eminence.  For 18 and under only.

IPL Advanced Acne Facial

Our Advanced Acne Facial is the ideal approach for those who are serious about banishing acne! We begin with a gentle cleanser, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and clinical peel.  We also use an IPL Technology Laser that destroys bacteria in the sebaceous gland to eliminate acne lesions. This treatment is followed up with an organic mask to […]

O2toDerm Acne Facial

The O2toDerm Therapy is a combination of both LED and O2 Oxygen Therapy! We begin with a double cleanser, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and clinical peel.  The O2 Dome is then used to aid in balancing PH levels and reducing acne-causing bacteria. This treatment is followed up with an organic Hydro-jelly mask and LED light to […]

The LED HydroJelly Light Facial

Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, HydroJelly Mask with LED therapy, massage, serum, and moisturizer. LED is used to customize your final treatment. Each colour represents a different outcome. You can treat rosacea, acne and it is also anti-aging. Your options with LED are endless. Add LED to your Micro-Needling service for added benefit and quicker […]

Organic Enzyme Pumpkin Peel

Our organic enzyme peel is a facial treatment that uses Yam and Pumpkin vegetable enzymes to slough off dead skin cells to reveal healthier and glowing skin underneath. Pumpkin Peels are best used when you want to get rid of acne, pigmented skin, and signs of aging. Safe for all skin types, Acne Prone Skin, Sensitive […]

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