Joie is closed for an indefinite period of time until it’s safe to reopen. We miss you all terribly – we can’t wait to open our doors to you again. A facial, massage & a long soak in the steam room would help everyone’s mental state right now, but unfortunately we’ll all have to wait a while longer. 

In the meantime, we could really use your support. While government help for small business is on it’s way, it won’t be enough to pay the bills. Plus, taking out a loan to pay the rent only pushes that cost down the road so we’ll have an increased burden down the road. It will be through community support that we’ll be able to continue offering exceptional spa services once this has blown over, and we’ve put several programs together that will benefit you, your family & friends once we’ve made it through to the other end of this crisis. 

As always, Joie is committed to providing exceptional services at reasonable prices – making it our priority to ensure each and every person who comes through our doors is treated exceptionally, with respect, and leaves feeling like they’ve done something good for themselves. At Joie, nobody should ever feel anything but welcome and accepted regardless of who you are, or where you come from. We’re offering the best service we can with the resources we have, and it’s our sincere hope to continue to do that for years to come. Please see below for ways you can help.

We’ll be launching a brand new website in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, please engage with us on social media, and watch out for our newsletters. 

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Halden Sproule

Founder & President